The work of the OAD Executive Board is supported by its standing, ad-hoc, and special committees. If you are interested in being on any of the committees, or chairing a special/adhoc committee, please contact Renee' Sites 
Note: Standing Committees are chaired by OAD Board per bylaws.  All other committees should be chaired by members with a board liaison.  We welcome hearing members to be on our committees. 
Feel free to contact us for more information regarding committees and goals. 

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 Group:  Type:  Chair:Board Liaison   Open Until Filled

 By-Laws (Vice President)



 Finance  (Treasurer)


Jennifer Boss


 Membership    (MAL 3)


Miranda Pollard


 Necrology (Secretary)


Anna Harman


 Nominating (Mal 1)


Enma Pruitt 


 Resolutions (Mal 2)

 Standing  Christina Harvey  
 Conference Planning Special  Jennifer Boss 
 Bill Tracking  Special/Legislative
 Renee' Sites 
 Fundraising  SpecialJennifer Boss  
 OAD/OKRID Legislative Special  Renee' Sites FILLED
 Special/Legislative Anna Harman  Anna Harman
 Employment Task Force Special/Adhoc Jimmy Mitchell  
 Deaf Youth/Schools  Special      
 History/Archives  Special      
 Media/Website  Special 

Jennifer Boss

 Renee' Sites  
 CODA for Adults SpecialCharo Guillory  
 Law Enforcement Standards Ad hoc Renee' Sites Renee' Sites FILLED
 Public Safety Training Ad hoc Renee' Sites Renee' Sites FILLED
 YAP Special   
 FOLDA Special  Lynn Null  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) is to promote, protect and preserve the civil rights and quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in Oklahoma

Vision Statement

The vision of the Oklahoma Association of the Deaf (OAD) is that even deaf and hard of hearing individual can and will obtain maximum potential through increased independence, productivity and integration. without barriers.

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